What we do

What we do

360 Video Production

We create amazing, immersive and cinematic quality 360 videos. These videos are stereoscopic with binaural sound, captured in rich 8K resolution. We produce 360 experiences across all verticals.

Virtual Reality

We design and develop virtual experiences and simulations for defense, government and commercial clients. From aircraft simulators to multi-user training modules, we capture the entire spectrum of VR experiences.

Augmented Reality

We create AR systems that are best in class, both for mobile as well as headset use. We use AR for maintenance, training as well as in education. We have been working with augmented reality since 2011.

Interaction Design

At the core of all our experiences is good, faultless interaction design. All our experiences are meticulously planned and thoroughly researched before reaching the development stage.

Mixed Reality

We create interesting and compelling mixed reality experiences that leverage the power of both virtual and augmented reality.

Graphic Design

Graphic design plays a large role in all the work we do. from cutting edge user interfaces to color correction and branding, we work on many, many levels.