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What's a 360 video?

A 360 video is exactly what the term implies. It uses special cameras capable of recording in all directions so that a user can see all that is happening around the camera instead of within a fixed field of view. So imagine a video that you can scroll through on your desktop or mobile device to see in every direction. We use a wide variety of 360 cameras and rigs and occasionally design and build our own as needed.


A 360 video becomes a completely different experience when viewed with a VR headset and headphones. It invokes a sense of presence and immersion that cannot be described, only experienced!


360 video production

We can offer you start-to-end production of cinematic, experiential and informational 360 videos.

We help you visualize and create your own story, experience, or simulation. We bring to the table our years of experience in creating such stories and showcasing them in unique ways to your target audience.


We focus on story and experience and adapt the technology to it, rather than the other way round.


Anybody can shoot plain 360 videos, we know how to capture your audience and focus their attention to your key message. And give them the experience of a lifetime.



We are committed to exploring new realms of experience we can bring about through this exciting new medium, from historical reenactments to sophisticated training experiences.


Anything is possible if you can visualize it with sufficient clarity.


The hardware is defined by the story. If needed, we can custom design and build the hardware and rigs for your unique requirements.