About Us


Hyper Reality Studio (HRS) is a design studio that specializes in ideation, visualization, creation and implementation of all manner of experiences using different technologies, platforms and realities. We provide end-to-end services from initial planning to final execution as well as additional services like consultancy, sourcing and post-launch maintenance.

HRS designs, develops and brings to fruition immersive experiences that enable new styles and technologies of interaction between people and computers, expanding the vocabulary of design. We create real – world interactions that connect people and engender new ways of living, working, and sharing, making everyday objects and spaces even more dynamic and interactive than the online and digital worlds.

We push the constraints of static digital interfaces and bring interactivity to objects and spaces, creating multi-sen¬sory experiences that are enhanced, rather than supplanted, by technology. With in-studio research and development, we bring together the art of design, and technology to create innovative interactive experiences which Increase productivity, are cost effective and increase information retention. We are also setting up a sophisticated hardware and interaction design lab and experience center.