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Indian Oil Corporation VR demo

Date Jun 2016
Location India
Value $0
Client Indian Oil Corporation
Body Projects: 

We have done a series of demos for IOC, based on their standard operating procedures. This set of images is from a demo we had created for their pipelines division, wherein we replicated their entire control room and simulated a fire in the rim seal of one of their oil tanks.

This demo has both training as well as testing components. In the former, the operator is guided step by step through all procedures required to safely contain the fire. In the testing phase, they will need to follow all steps correctly in sequence, in order to pass.

The Oil industry is a space where proper training is essential, to contain accidents as well as give employees an extra layer of security. Hyper Reality Studio is creating many such training scenarios where operators can undertake a large number of processes safely in order to enhance their learning, retentiveness and response time.